Quick Transition

A few days ago I transferred my domains from GoDaddy to Google Domains, and while the process isn’t quite complete yet, it should be done pretty soon. With this, I’ll also be changing the format of the website a little bit. The daily updates page hasn’t really been working out, so I’ll be converting that into a personal blog. I often find that I just want to say something that’s not really important, and I simply can’t find a reason to clutter my dev log with it.

I’ll be separating the site into separate sub-domains for each part. The dev log will become dev.dwbrite.com, the blog will become blog.dwbrite.com, and the about me will become simply dwbrite.com. Then I think I’ll just add a portfolio and everything should be set. Things might get ugly for a minute but just pretend nothing happened. :)

For actual projects/development, I’m finally starting the headphone/audio cable! All the parts should be here by the 14th at the latest so if everything goes as planned I’ll get a post up shortly after.

On a similar note, I haven’t made a post regarding the creation of the light board. For that I’m sorry, but I do have an explanation. I really don’t want to take it all down, and I haven’t had a reason to make another one. They’re pretty darn expensive after all!

I guess that’s all I have to say for now, so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I’ll be back in a few weeks!