Devin Brite

North Grafton, MA, USA
+1 (774) 214 8041

I'm a generalist software developer with a specialization in backend / web architecture. Most of my personal projects are explorations into other domains like embedded firmware (rust, c++), rendering (in theory and in practice), or other physical crafts.


Full Stack Development Intern

ProGlove - Munich, Germany


At ProGlove I was a core developer of ProGlove Insight - a cloud-based platform for IoT device management built on AWS. Insight enables analysis of scans from ProGlove devices, leading to further efficiency improvements in customers' manufacturing and logistics processes.

As one of only two programmers who worked on Insight from the start, I played a key role in the design and implementation of the product, as well as in the interviewing and subsequent hiring of four additional team members.


B.S., Mathematics (Incomplete)

University of Massachusetts Amherst - Amherst, MA


When COVID-19 hit, I applied for the mathematics program at UMass Amherst. After two semesters online, I decided that entering the workforce would be more time and cost effective for me.

A.S., Computer Information Systems

Quinsigamond Community College - Worcester, MA


At QCC I graduated with an associate's in web development & programming. The coursework largely focused on databases and VB .NET, as well as systems analysis and design.


Programming Languages

  • Rust [12,500xp]
  • Java [8,000xp]
  • Go [5,500xp]
  • Kotlin [3,000xp]
  • JavaScript [2,500xp]
  • C++ [1,800xp]
  • Python [1,500xp]

Tools and Processes

  • Git [10,000xp]
  • Linux [7,500xp]
  • AWS [5,500xp]
  • Apache+/Nginx [4,000xp]
  • Agile [3,000xp]
  • CI/CD[2,200xp]
  • Docker [1,500xp]