About Me

Hello! My name is Devin Brite. As a college student I'm involved in web development and programming. As a hobbyist, I make games. I also fight for personal freedoms - be that in the name of free software, social rights, privacy, or the open Internet. Despite being an advocate for privacy, I consider myself a very public person. Speaking of, you can find all my social media accounts at https://keybase.io/hd. Yes, all.

Here's a brief history of me:

I grew up in a town called Millville, Massachusetts. I moved to Grafton in my pre-teen years, and I've lived here since. I dropped out of high school, took a year off, and ended up with a diploma at the same time as my peers. Eat that, world. Now I'm getting an Associate's in Science, majoring in Computer Information Systems.

Now let's talk technology. I'm most experienced with Java, but my favorite programming language is Rust. My least favorite is Visual Basic. I despise the Microsoft ecosystem, and I will tell you this every time I have to use it. I really like spreadsheets.