november has come

Wow. I can’t believe it’s been two years since my last blog post. I’ve learned a lot since the start of this blog. Well, here I am. I read a bunch of books on programming. I got my diploma and started working on a degree. Man, how time flies.

I’m trying to be more conscious of the world around me. I’m using Linux whenever possible, but some classes require otherwise. Luckily spinning up a VM is never too hard. I’ve tested out every desktop environment under the sea before finally settling on Gnome. I still can’t find a suitable terminal or file manager. These are two things that macOS seem to get right, but which no-one else can.

Ligatures! I love them. The mozilla foundation is a developer’s best friend. FiraMono/FiraCode. Rust. Firefox nightly. Just... Everything. They’re so great right now! I’m glad all their efforts are catching up to them :)

I’ve also learned a bit of OpenGL. I bought a domain and made a website which blew up on reddit for a minute. I started learning Rust and Kotlin.

The Pokemon project is still ongoing! It’s currently in a private github repository, and I think I’ll release it when the code is pretty enough. I’m refactoring the old code, updating it with new knowledge, and replacing Java with Kotlin as I go. Planning for battles - the largest part of development - is nearly complete. Everything else should move along pretty quickly, and progress should look much faster when that happens.

I’m sure I’m forgetting some things, but this will do for now.