pocket progress 1

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It may not look like much but this is really exciting progress for me and this project. This is a Pokemon recreation I’m making with Slick2D/Java that I’ve been working on for the past two weeks. There’s no collisions or animations quite yet but those should be done within the next two days.

This game is a recreation of FR/LG that’s expanded to several other regions in a single story line including Hoenn, Johto, and Orre. The main goal is to have a “pure” Pokemon game in which all Pokemon can be found and there are no weird Dex restrictions (For example, not being able to evolve a Crobat in FR/LG before the national dex, or having game specific Pokemon like Vulpix or Bellsprout).

The biggest problem is leveling throughout regions. I think the best solution is to have a level lock until you beat certain gyms - similar to how traded Pokemon of a high level refuse to listen.

If you have any ideas send me an email and I’ll think about it. Remember to check my live update page for more information on what exactly is being done!