the start of something

Last month I started re-playing Pokemon Fire Red on the VBA-M emulator. I went into the game with the goal of catching as many Pokemon as possible. After about two weeks I managed to catch 124 of the 151 in the game. That magic number also happened to be the maximum number of Pokemon you could get in either of the games.

I still wanted to catch all the Pokemon though. I’d never really be happy with it until I had all of them. So I moved my save to Leaf Green and caught all the LG exclusives. This brought me to a total of 138 caught, 149 seen. I would also only capture Female Pokemon and that I have one of every Pokemon in my box in numeric order, but that’s besides the point.

The only Pokemon I couldn’t get were the 4 trade-evolvers, the two other starters, the other fossil Pokemon (Omanyte), and the legendary Mew. Omastar and Mew were the only Pokemon I hadn’t seen.

And I wanted them.

What really sucks though is that trading on VBA-M is and has been broken forever on FR/LG. I thought: “Hey, I program, I should help out with this and figure out the glitch!” so I did just that. Kind of... I opened up the source code in Visual Studio and got it to compile right - Success! After a little while scouring the source I realized that I really didn’t know C++ well at all.

I gave up on that and decided I would make my own Pokemon game. That it should run on all systems, be able to use a controller, have online trades, have all the regions, and most importantly that you could catch all the Pokemon.

Five days later and here I am starting this dev blog.

But I’ve never really finished a project this big before, so I don’t want this to get popular until I finish. I don’t want to disappoint a lot of people. If you find this I beg you not to get too excited until I’ve made considerable progress.

I do want to finish this though, so if anyone stumbles upon this and notices I’m not updating the blog or working on the game, please spam my email or telephone or anything you can.

Email: dwbrite@gmail