I’m back

Probably. I forget what happened, but stuff happened and my sleep schedule got messed up, and I just fixed it the other day and that’s my excuse, but I’m here now and I can finally sleep at a decent time.

Anyway… I’ve finally got grass working beautifully, and I actually discovered exactly how grass works through a funky glitch in FR/LG.

Here’s how it works: Use cut in the north-most grass in Route 1, take one step into Viridian city, then go back down to the grass. When you step on the empty tiles, the grass particle effects show and you still have a chance of wild encounters. I figured out that rather than having three separate particles for each “piece” of the animation (the stepped on floor, the fluttering grass/leaves, and the part that stays on above your character), it’s all in one particle, that looks like this:  

and changes the depth during the animation. There’s just one frame in which the second image is behind the character which led me to the discovery.

The glitch isn’t listed anywhere I could find easily, which reminds me of another visual glitch in Vermilion City, which is less interesting, but showcases a glaring flaw with the layer system used in the generation 3 games.

And lastly, here’s a comparison between what my game looks like now, versus what the real game looks like. Pretty close, right? Forgive the input lag on the left screen (The real game).

Pocket Progress 3

Look at how far we’ve come! It’s not really that much but it’s exciting to me. Here you can see animations for running, biking, and cliff jumping in action! Cliff jumping still needs the offset for the sprite, the shadow, and the dust particles when you land, but the movement and animation frames are all in place!

This gif is a bit lower quality than the last one, even though it’s still at 15FPS, but it gets the point across. Anyway, that’s it for now.

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It isn’t shown in the gif, but you can no longer phase through the cliffs going upwards.